50th Post – Cheers to You!

I can not believe I have published 50 posts on my blog!  When I started this blog I never really thought about where it would take me or what I would learn or who I would meet.  I certainly never thought about how many posts I would publish on here.  I just felt the need to write down this journey I am on and get it out “there”.

One thing I did not expect was the awesomeness of my readers and fellow bloggers.  You all have been so wonderful, open, informative, supportive, and encouraging for me on this ballet journey of mine.  Really you have made the biggest difference in my pursuit of weight loss and getting back into physical condition.  I sometimes feel like I need to keep going and doing it not just for myself but for you!  You, my gentle readers, have kept me moving forward when I just felt like quitting.  You listened read my frustrations and ramblings and gently nudged me onward.  For each and every one of you who has commented, liked, followed, or stopped by, I want to thank you so much.  You have made all the difference for my weight loss and fitness goals.  I really couldn’t have accomplished what I have without you!

This 50th post I dedicate to you.  Thank you!

Thank you readers