Visions of Sugar Plums Dancing in My Head – Part Deux

The conclusion to Sugar Plums Dancing in My Head

I am fired up now.  “Ballet!  Pink tights!  Plies!  I’mma be a bunhead!”  I go to the website for the studio I went to before and they thankfully have daytime adult beginning classes and some open intermediates too.  I soon learn it is the only studio in the area that offers adult daytime classes.  Not that the town I live in is dripping with ballet but we do have some nice studios. I am a mom and a nanny and with the tikes getting out of school soon, day classes over the summer would not be possible.  Evening classes would not either.  My husband’s work schedule fluctuates greatly in the summer and who knows when I could make an evening class.  I don’t want to be stop and start about this new endeavor.  I want to make the commitment.  It looks like I will need to wait until the kiddo’s are back in school.  But that is soooooo far away!  I want to go NOW!

Now, I am a believer of providence.  Things happen for a reason and timing is a part of that too.  I really need to lose weight.  I now have an awesome purpose for losing weight.  I have finally found the motivation I need to lose the weight but I need the time to lose the weight.  This summer delay may not be so bad after all…I could start to lose some poundage over the summer so maybe my wrap skirt will actually wrap all the way around me as opposed to refusing to meet me in the middle like before…(Yep…I’ll leave you with that visual for a moment, take your time.)

Before I know it, I have grabbed a notebook (the one I replaced with my pretty pink one here.) and started brainstorming on how I can dump this weight, get stronger, and be more flexible.  I evaluate the time between now and classes starting in August.  For ease of math, I make it a 20 week goal.  (It is actually two weeks beyond the start of ballet classes.)  At losing 2 lbs a week, that is forty-freaking pounds!  I can totally do this!  Had I decided how much I was going to lose before figuring out how I was going to lose it…well I would have felt like it was not possible.  This really is do-able.  That wrap skirt is SO going to wrap….

If you have made it this far (I hope you have!), you may be wondering, “How did a notebook turn into a blog?”  Because it can, baby!  I love to write. It’s in my soul nestled somewhere close to dance. I wanted something that felt formal and made me accountable to achieve these goals.  I didn’t want some random Facebook post that didn’t mean more than the time it spent at the top of my timeline.  So, I turned to WordPress, tinkered around a bit and had this site, as you see, up and going.  Only you couldn’t see it.  I set it to private.  After debating, I decided the best thing was to share this with others.  I really learned a lot from other bloggers and wanted to give back, per se.  Plus, it felt more real and while it can be hard to put your 195 lbs self out there for others to read about and what-not, it adds to the accountability I need to attain these goals.  Going public was a good decision.  What’s different than when I walk out of my house and other strangers “see” me in a store or walking down the street?  The difference in a blog is they will “see” more of what is going on in my life than the 5 seconds it took to glance and move on.  So I changed the settings to “public” and now here we all sit together before our computers, tablets, and smartphones.

So that’s it…that’s all she wrote folks.  (Well, I will write more, just saying)  Thank you for reading this loooong post and hanging in there with me.  I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support I have received and for that I am deeply grateful.

There is one thing I learned after I finished writing this blog post…even though I had stopped dancing for the past 24 years…the sugar plum fairies never stopped dancing in my head…