Grinning at My Grishko’s


Ballet 007


Ballet 006

These are my new Grishko Performance flats and aren’t these shoes just pretty? Such a soft pink color.  I love, love, love how they make my feet look.  They just hug every curve of my foot and don’t bunch up anywhere. The sole on the ball of the foot has some cushion and is plenty wide and I feel very “stable” in them. They are super comfortable and I just couldn’t be happier!


Ballet 013

See how well they molded to my foot?

Ballet 022

I absolutely love there is Russian on my shoes!

Ballet 023

With my classes starting Monday, I decided I really did need some new flats, despite that I already had two pairs.  I am now the owner of three pairs of ballet flats.  I decided I needed new shoes because when I took ballet classes a few years ago the flats I had bothered the sole of my left foot.  The pads on the ball of the foot just were not wide enough for my elephant feet.   This pain continued as I wore them to do some of my ballet workouts over the summer.  So I decided then that I needed a new pair.  You may remember that I bought the Bloch Pro-Elastic, which I ended up not being really happy I bought.  The cushion in the sole was great but the fit was all over the place.  I don’t blame the shoe, I blame my hurriedness when I bought them and going to a store I was not familiar with which is not where I bought my Grishko’s. In my city we have two dance shops. Not long after I got them home and did a few ballet workouts I realized the fit was just all wrong.  Too much bagginess in the heel and my foot was actually moving in the shoe.  I knew I couldn’t do a traditional ballet class in either of the shoes I currently had.  Thus, the decision to take a Happy Time trip to the ballet store!  This time I went to the dance shop in town that fit me for my first pair, which were a perfect fit, and no one could have predicted the issue I had with the sole of my left foot.  Plus the service I received there was just beyond amazing.  Her store is just a dancer’s dream!

I really can’t say enough in the importance of finding a dance shop that is very knowledgeable when fitting you for ballet shoes.  My local shop is Pirouettes and I am now a steadfast customer for my dance life!  The customer service is the kind that is so good you know the term “Customer Service” is inadequate.  The shop owner gave me her undivided attention and really listened to my left foot issues and then fit me with the Grishko Performance in a 38 C.   She also selected amazing new tights for me too, Prima Soft’s.  The prices were spot on and I really couldn’t be happier.  I also got a new pair of black stirrup leg warmers that fit me well and she I sifted through the legwarmers until we found just the right pair.

The shop owner also gave me some great advice on my shoes.  When I tried them on the first pair were too tight and we went up half a size.  They still felt a little snug in my toes and she told me if your wishing they were just a touch bigger what I need to do is put them on at home, mist the fabric and then wear them at home for a few hours.  So the shoes will stretch to mold to my foot.  I have done that (actually wearing them now as I type…I was a total nerd and put some socks over them to keep them clean just so they can get dirty in ballet class!)  Let me tell you, that has worked perfectly.  The places it was snug feels just right and my feet are really comfortable now.  So, I just wanted to impart that information since it worked so well for me.

I also have to say, the shop owner treated me just like any other dancer.  There was no judgment or taking me less serious.  I felt like she treated me like I had been a dancer for years and had every right to be there.  She didn’t treat me like I was a silly ‘ol fat lady wanting to take ballet and rush me off because she had more important dancers to get to.  Nope, I was as valued a customer as any and had just as much right to be doing what I am doing and that really meant something to me.  I don’t look like your typical ballet dancer, I used to, but not anymore, and her welcoming and not judgmental attitude was just wonderful and really helped my confidence in returning to ballet classes.

Again, I think everything is pointing in the direction that things happened the way they did for a reason and I am where I am supposed to be at this moment.

2 days to go!