Weight Loss Results Week #16

Not too much to report here this week, I weighed in at 182.  Really, I am quite content with where I am this week given the developments in my life.  I did give into what I labeled as “Carb Fest 2013” on Sunday…and really…I felt so gross afterwards and my body did not like the crap I put into it. Overall it wasn’t a huge quantity of food thankfully.  I felt like my body was fighting me back for what I did to it. Like “Hey lady what’s the deal? We had a good thing going on down here and now you decided to pull this %#@! on us?  Well let’s see how you like this gas pain here and here! Bwahahahaha!!!!” Regardless of the stress, even on “Carb Fest 2013” day I was not as bad as I would have been prior to living healthier.  I have only allowed my one day of stupid eating and made myself realize why I was eating and what I was eating and making myself be more cognizant in my food choices.  Having the strength to push back on those old crutches of handling stress has been good.

Working out has been a little more of struggle but I am getting better each day.  I got a great workout in at my son’s karate class yesterday. His instructor allows the parents to walk/run when the kids are and to follow along with their conditioning exercises.  I was really proud that I did at least 50 push ups and sits up each…plus other exercises.  I even out did my hubby on some things. Now THAT felt great!

So, I am not beating myself up for no weight loss this week because in the perspective of everything one pound gained is not a tragedy…I’m cutting myself some slack because of what happened last week and allowing myself some time to work through those feelings but not resorting to food as a coping mechanism.  Using food that way has NOT helped me in any way and really made things worse in the past.  I am proud I did as well as I did because my initial reaction was to eat and eat and eat mindlessly.  I cleaned my house instead. 🙂

This pretty much sums up how I am on an “eating day”….very proud of myself that I recognized it and stopped myself from going full force!

eating day

37 lbs to go!  

33 lbs to go!

35 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!

32 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!

29 lbs to go!

30 lbs to go!

29 lbs to go!

28 lbs to go!

27 lbs to go!

27 lbs to go!

27 lbs to go!

26 lbs to go!

27 lbs to go!

Made My Fat Cry

This is my shirt after working out yesterday but not the same shirt from the post here.  Ok, a little gross I admit, BUT I love seeing how hard I worked.  I made my fat cry!  Plus, this is a shirt I have never really worn.  I got it on a super sale at Target like three years ago or something but I never liked how it clung to the belly and the shoulders were a little snug.  Getting dressed yesterday to workout I thought, “Huh, let’s see how this fits now.  I know I won’t wear it to work out in.”  Well, ya know what?  I wore it. 🙂

fat crying 004

I threw in my ballet slippers to make it a “ballet” picture. Ha!

Proud ‘O Myself

Proud of my self yesterday!

I had one of those days where I just had no energy to do anything.  I had an awful time going to sleep the night before and I only had about 3-4 hours of sleep.  Overslept the alarm making my son late to school.  So my Monday did NOT start well.  I tried to catch some more ZZZ’s which in turn meant I did not and I was just a grouch. I tried to be productive around my house which just made me feel even more tired.  I workout Monday – Friday and even the thought of working out made me feel even more tired.  I continued to debate about working out all day. It wasn’t like I worked out the day before, Saturday and Sunday are my rest days.

Finally at 4 pm I quit the debate and broke out the workout gear and just did it.  SO PROUD OF MYSELF.  This was a big break through for me. I am a champion procrastinator especially when I am tired and grouchy. I also realized on this day a t-shirt I wore to workout in was not tight across the belly anymore (my son even noticed) and my fave pair of house-comfy pants I had to re-tie the drawstring  tighter!!!

 Had I not worked out…these things would not have been noticed.

Yay me.


Review of Xtend Barre: Lean and Chiseled

First off, I was so excited to start my new “dancery” workout video I had to start wearing some dance gear!  I broke out some of my ballet items I had bought a few years ago when I took some classes.

Mac Toothies 011

How about them leg warmers and ballet shoes for ya?  I loved every second that I wore them!

Ok, so back to the subject matter at hand…

I thought Xtend Barre: Lean and Chiseled was AWESOME.  It felt like it was a ballet dancer’s workout video. My Jillian Michaels video’s do not shine a light to this one.  It truly gave me a fantastic workout and it kept ballet and dance elements throughout the whole workout. The movements were not your typical workout moves,which was very refreshing.  By the end of it, I was very glad I decided to start  getting some conditioning because I learned that I am severely out of shape. At several points, I had to modify the exercises by stopping or just doing some demi-plies or tendu’s to give myself a breather. I got a very thorough workout without any high impact movements. I need to be able to strengthen my ankles and feet for ballet class and this workout will certainly be helping.

Ok, so I admit it, I was sweating by the end of the upper body workout..shhh….  So, I really did get what I was asking for in this workout!

Here is a breakdown of the whole thing…

The workout is a total of 55 minutes long.  You can do the whole workout from beginning to end or you can choose which segments you want to do that day.  I like that a lot.  At this point, I need to break it up until I have gotten in better shape and can do it all from start to finish at once. Below is the order of the workout:

  1. Warm-Up (Great!)
  2. Upper Body (Seriously, this will make you sweat)
  3. Barre ( Very good, almost felt like a ballet class)
  4. Core (Not your average crunches)
  5. Cool-down (Just ok)

Since I need to break these up due to my fitness level, I will do Barre/Core on one day and Upper Body/Core on another day.  Of course, I’ll do the warm up each day as well.

The only cons I have for this workout is the music is a little cheesy rumba-zumba like.  It truly would be better with some classical music but that is just my preference.  I didn’t really like the cool down either.  It was too fast paced.  I did some of their stretches and I ended up doing my own slow stretches for about 20 minutes to work in time on increasing my flexibility.  They do some stretching at certain points during the barre section of the workout, which I liked.  Trust me, you will need them at those points!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a good workout to compliment your dance class or want just a ballet-esque workout Xtend Barre: Lean and Chiseled is a good one to do!