I 2nd Those Measurements…

Ok, so after the past few weeks of disappointment on the scale I didn’t want to further torture myself by whipping out the measuring tape and then I’d be all like…

Courtesy of gagful.com

Courtesy of gagful.com

This week I was intrigued not only because of the food poisoning episode but because I didn’t feel any difference in my clothes and was surprised by the weight loss.  I honestly thought I hadn’t lost anything and maybe gained a pound.  After taking my measurements I have lost  2.25″ overall since May 17th.   I am taking that with a grain of salt for two reasons:

  1. Because of the food poisoning my body isn’t operating as usual
  2. I am not sure I am putting the measuring tape in the same spot to give me accurate measurements.  This time around I did make notes where I measured so I can be more accurate next time.

Time will tell on this one!