Hang on to Your Tu-Tu’s!

Hang on to your tu-tu’s peeps….the Russians are coming…..to a theater near you!

Tonight is the night the Mariinsky is dancing Swan Lake live!  Check out my post on the Mariinsky here for their website and participating theaters.

I have learned that the beautiful Ekaterina Kondaurova will be dancing Odette/Odile.

This is gonna be a night to remember!

swan lake

Image courtesy mariinskycinema.com


Swan Lake LIVE from the Mariinsky Theater

Folks…I am hyperventilating…..for realz…

You can see the Mariinsky dance LIVE for the cost of a movie ticket…It is being broadcast LIVE from the Mariinsky Theater II on June 6 only.  You can view it in 2D or 3D.

Here is the link to the website Mariinksy Cinema

Here is the promo video… 

Use this list for finding participating movie theaters.  I found it more up to date than the one through the Mariinsky Cinema site.  At first it said there were none in my area offering this movie but I did some more research and discovered there were theaters offering it in the big city nearby.

I’M GOING TO SEE THE MARIINSKY DANCE LIVE!!!!!!!    Oh! I just may faint….

Run to your online ticket retailer and get your tickets.  You know all the local dance schools are going to be rushing to see this and will have sold out shows.

This is my dream ballet performed by my dream company…I would never have an opportunity to see this live in the Mariinksy and this would be the closest I will ever get….Yes, my tickets are purchased. 🙂

** Please note I was not compensated or asked to promote this at all…I am really just that excited about this and wanted to share it with all of my peeps to go and enjoy it too! **