New Ballet Goodies!!!

Got me some new ballet goodies! Oh yeah!

See, I didn’t mean to get them but the dance store was right next door to a business my hubby had me drop off some paperwork.  All the way there I was like “Don’t need to go in there.  Don’t need to go in there.  Don’t need to go in there.  Don’t need to go in there.  Ok maybe I could just loooook.”

Lookie, lookie what I gottie!!!

Ballet Goodies

ballet goodies 005

ballet goodies 019

I walked in really just wanting some new leg warmers that were not so long. I am short and my thigh length leg warmers are more like waist length on me.  The sales girl was so cute when I asked for the stirrup style and she said, “The kind that you want to go over your pointe shoes, right?”  Oh how I wish it was to go over pointe shoes!  I bought a pair that is 27″ and when stretched out comes just above the knee on me .

Then I thought I would check into some new flats.  Ya know, just peruse the selection.

I wanted new flats because when wearing my old ones the foot pad always hit the ball of my left foot in a bad spot, especially in relevé. I needed something that had a wider pad and I found Bloch’s “Pro Elastic” with a very wide foot pad. It even feels a little bit cushy. It’s not the prettiest shoe but it feels good on my foot and no more pain. The elastics were even sewn on too!  Talk about ballet swag and they came home in the bag!