Bookstore Finds

ballet 002


I go into my local bookstore today to do some perusing.  I can easily spend hours in a bookstore dreaming of all the books I want to read and wishing I had a room of my house just dedicated to books.  It will  have comfy broken in old leather chairs and a roaring fire… Of course this room will be located next to my in-house dance studio too.  I wish!  I’ll keep dreaming it though, because, well, it’s fun!

I find that the bookstore has added a large-sized used book section.  Oh yeah…love me a deal…so I start walking around…and lo and behold on an aisle end-cap is the biography Margot Fonteyn: A Life by Meredith Daneman.  I say to myself,  “Winner-winner-chicken-dinner!!!”  Ok, not out loud, at least I don’t think  I did..anyways… Very excited to find this book.  She was one of my idols growing beautiful, graceful, and strong.  I snatch that right up. It looks new to me and had a great price of $6.50.

So this leads me in search of more ballet bibliophilia.  I go to the magazines and to every book section that ballet or dance could possibly be stocked.  I mean this bookstore is like a warehouse…and all I find is Apollo’s Angels and two others that didn’t tickle my fancy.  Apollo’s Angels is on my list of must reads but the budget this week say’s it is not.  So I settle for flipping through it while sipping my coffee and admiring the pictures and notating in my mind to set aside some moolah to come back and get this one day.

Now that I am on the ballet book hunt, I dash over to the other big bookstore in town and find Pointe Magazine.  I know I am ages away from getting back en pointe but I couldn’t resist.  It’s so pretty and glossy!!!  I also picked up a new notebook as my new ballet journal for writing thoughts and blog ideas in now.  Ballet is pretty and had to upgrade from my boring plain blue one, right? Right.

I had to throw in one last picture of Margot, because, well she is just so beautiful!

Margot Fonteyn