Gaining Ground


Love this!  From some previous posts you may remember I have been training my brain into a new way of thinking when I am at the precipice of temptation.  Instead of jumping headlong into the buffet of carb-loaded sugared goodies, I say to myself, “Is this a good choice?  Will this choice right now take me where I want to go?”

From my post yesterday, I confessed I did not surpass the test at Golden Corral..ok besides the yeast rolls, there also *may* have been a slice of apple pie.  OK, that in and of itself is not the end of the world but I did partake in a few more choices last week that could have been made better.  I am not going to give up all things I love to eat in my weight loss journey but to seek a level of moderation in my food choices. I need to learn to do that better.  I do not eat yeast rolls nor apple pie of any kind on a regular basis nor do I routinely eat at Golden Corral.  Also, I am a pro at forgetting that I ate something that was already not a good choice from the day or two before. So, I need to keep myself in check so I don’t derail myself when I am faced with making food choices. Had I not had some pasta, mashed potatoes, and sugary drinks this past week…I may have logged weight loss.  Had I been more faithful to my workout routine I may have thought…”I can hardly walk from my workout, I am not going to throw away all of my hard work for a yeast roll.”  Finding balance, like in ballet, is an everyday struggle.

When I came across this post on Facebook, it really meshed with “choice” questions I ask myself.  I don’t like to think of the things I am giving up.  It gives a negative connotation to what I am doing.  I am the kind of person that wants to pull the good and positive out of any situation.

So the next time the yeast rolls are there for the taking I am going to ask myself, “Is this a good choice?  What will I gain by making this choice?”  I am interested in seeing what my answer will be. 🙂

By the way, check out Constructing a New Rick on Facebook.  His page is amazing, a great inspiration, and I have learned so much from him.