Playing Catch Up…

Ok, it’s been a minnit since I last did an update so I’m going to cover a bunch of things that have been happening…

1.  Happy Blogging Birthday to Me!  

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 1 on April 17.  Wow! Looking back on the past year a lot has changed, some good and not so good.


  • Finally taking ballet classes and freaking loving it.
  • Putting my hair in a real “ballet” bun at least once a week.
  • Counting down the days to ballet class.
  • Doing my ballet ankle and feet strengthening exercises.
  • Knowing all the struggles I went through this past year have been worth it to finally be in ballet class.
  • Ballet class has been improving my wonky left ankle and geriatric back.
  • The amazing young ladies and women I take ballet class with.
  • My ballet teacher, Ms. Dorothy.
  • My husband and son letting me run off once a week to ballet class without too much fuss.

Not so Good:

  • I have re-gained all the weight I lost and having trouble getting going again in weight loss.
  • Wishing I could take more ballet classes during the week.
  • Realizing to dance the way I want to dance, I gotta get this weight off of me.  That’s not just aesthetics.  Bertha, my belly, gets in the way and protests when it’s time to squeeze into tights.

2. I’m a Slacker of a Blogger

I’ve been a total slacker in the writing posts department. I admit it and I admit it freely.  I do have a good reason!  See, years ago while I was pining miserably away at a job I did because it was a job and got a good paycheck, I would wish for a job that I would love and could use my writing abilities.  I got that wish and now I write all day, full time.  It’s legal writing, not the creative stuff, but I am a nerd and a glutton for punishment and I love it.  Job problem solved.  Which translates into a blog writing problem. After writing all day 5 days a week, I am pretty much done with writing for the day once I get home.  Like I don’t even want to think enough to formulate the simplest thing, like “Hi, ballet go good. I no go boom when I pas de chat”  So, that is my reason for being a total writing slacker on the blog.  I am pooped when I get home.  It is getting better now that I am adjusting to the full time hours. Oh, did I say full time?  That’s right…I was promoted to full time after two months….thank you very much.  Add that to the good pile above.

3.  I Went to a Ballet

I went to the local professional ballet company’s Spring repertoire production. It was fantastic and I took my 7 year old son with me and he loved it! I will turn this topic into another blog post.  There is just too much to say.  It was the first live ballet performance I have seen since I was in a ballet!

Last but not least…

4.  Ballet Class

It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have done in a long, long time.  I leave class exhausted, sweaty, red faced, and exhilarated.  I love pushing my body to see if it can do more and amazed at how much my body just “remembers” how to do.  Some terminology I am still working out but it is coming back more and more each week.

I take class once a week on Monday nights.  I was lucky enough these past two weeks to have two classes per week.  I was off work on Good Friday and I was able to take the Open Intermediate ballet class.  That was a great class, not just the class itself, but also the other adult students.  Many were long time dancers and one was a teacher who teaches at this studio.  They were so nice to me and I really enjoyed taking class with them.  One of them even gave me a nice compliment that I had pretty feet! (Insert ballet blush here)  Also, some of the teenage advanced dancers took class too.  One even had her younger brother who was taking class to try out ballet!  I really like having the advanced girls in class because Ms. Dorothy will push the class more plus those girls are just great and dancing with those that are better are a great motivation to push yourself to do better.  Last week, since my son was gallivanting with the grandparents for Spring break, I was able to take the adult beginner class and that was really good to take so I could concentrate on basic technique.  The lady who was teaching was the one who was in the Good Friday class.  I really enjoyed her class and she was a great teacher.  A boy who was a friend of one of the advanced students, took his first ballet class with us.  He had some very good natural talent and I hope he sticks with it.  I wish I could take that class every week too.  Unfortunately, my schedule only allows for one a week.  So, I will keep picking up an extra class here and there when I can.

So, that catches ya’ll up on where I am as of now.  I am proud of myself I kept it under 950 words! LOL


Spreading My Social Butterfly Wings

It’s official peeps…I have branched out into the Facebook and Twitter sphere’s!

On Facebook, I’ll be doing some different kinds of updates there…just some fun and interesting stuff I come across which makes it another fun and easy way to stay connected.  On Twitter, this is my first time using it so I’m not sure how that will go, but I am a prolific Facebooker and you will definitely see me there!

Be sure to check out the links on the upper right side of my blog page for links to my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest pages. I can’t wait to see you there!  Don’t forget to “Like” my Facebook page too!

Until next time peeps…

ballet on

50th Post – Cheers to You!

I can not believe I have published 50 posts on my blog!  When I started this blog I never really thought about where it would take me or what I would learn or who I would meet.  I certainly never thought about how many posts I would publish on here.  I just felt the need to write down this journey I am on and get it out “there”.

One thing I did not expect was the awesomeness of my readers and fellow bloggers.  You all have been so wonderful, open, informative, supportive, and encouraging for me on this ballet journey of mine.  Really you have made the biggest difference in my pursuit of weight loss and getting back into physical condition.  I sometimes feel like I need to keep going and doing it not just for myself but for you!  You, my gentle readers, have kept me moving forward when I just felt like quitting.  You listened read my frustrations and ramblings and gently nudged me onward.  For each and every one of you who has commented, liked, followed, or stopped by, I want to thank you so much.  You have made all the difference for my weight loss and fitness goals.  I really couldn’t have accomplished what I have without you!

This 50th post I dedicate to you.  Thank you!

Thank you readers

Did You Know You Could “Port Your Bra”?

You must be thinking…Wow…you can dock yours?  Mooring lines and everything?  I bet you use those “bumpers” for padding too.  Well noooo….

I follow a blog called The Real Full House. Check it out.  It’s a very honest, heartwarming blog with a lot of great humor. The author recently posted an entry titled, Port Your Bra that is his hilarious interpretation of a dad while at a parents observation day at his daughters ballet school. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I thought it was so relevant for those of us in the adult beginner ballet world.  I hope some fellow readers will be able to relate and get a kick out of it. Any person who is new to the language of ballet, or those of us refreshing, have heard some of the phrases said by our instructors and we’ve had to do some mental acrobatics to assimilate what was said, peek at the nearest dancer at what they are doing,  and then tell your body to do the same.

I would love to hear others’ funny interpretations of ballet movements!

I’m a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

A fellow blogger, Jennifer, over at Habits to Healthy surprised me with a nomination for the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much!  I really admire your blog and feel very honored you like mine!

I very humbly and graciously accept.  Bowing an ever so graceful curtsy, roses in my arms, “Brava!” being shouted from the mezzanine, and my white tutu glimmering in the stage lights…wait…no…that was my dream last night…getting a little dramatic here but you get the drift. 🙂

liebster blog

Seriously though, how nifty is that???

I had not heard about the Liebster Blog Award until Jennifer nominated me and I think it’s the neatest pay it forward “award” for bloggers to receive.  OK you don’t receive a trophy or a plaque and all the honor is in the nomination from another blogger. It just feels good that someone likes your blog and wants to pay it forward to you. I am really amazed that people like my little corner of the ‘net and even follow me and I’m so grateful to everyone who stops by my blog.   I love the idea of paying it forward and what a great way to give each other a pat on the back for our hard work!

The Liebster is not just about yourself but to keep the momentum moving forward to others.  Plus, you get to know the person “behind” the blog a little better too!  I have learned so much from my fellow bloggers and I’m grateful they spend time at their keyboards writing and sharing their experiences, thoughts, knowledge, and what-not on their blogs.  I am part of a great community of supportive dancers/moms/dads/bloggers/professionals/trying-to-be-professional/and everything else in between. Reading other blogs and sharing in their experiences has made the biggest difference for my blogging and my goals for returning back to the ballet studio.

Now to the specifics of the Liebster Blog Award.  This is directly from Habits to Healthy.  (I tried to block quote it and it came out all wonky, so I did a line of dancing asterisks’.)

                          *                         *                         *                         *                         *                         *                         *                         *                         *

From what I’ve learned about The Liebster Award, it’s a way to recognize blogs who have less than 200 followers.  Liebster is a German word that means beloved and valued.

Here are the rules for accepting the award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog.
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
  5. Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate and include links to their blogs.
  6. Go to each bloggers page and let them know you have nominated them.

                          *                         *                         *                         *                         *                         *                         *                         *                         *

Eleven Random Facts about Moi:

  1. I can do accents/character voices and shift from one to the other in the same sentence.  I have no idea how I developed such powers.
  2. It’s impossible to teach me to drive a stick shift.  Shifting gears gets in the way of browsing the radio stations.
  3. I can pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time though!
  4.  I drive an old Ford pickup truck and I rock that look.
  5. When I was 9, I ran face first in Mikhail Baryshnikov’s chest by accident.  It was awesome!! (swoon)
  6. I love to laugh but I much more prefer to make others laugh.
  7. Although I am 37, I am nearly gray, if I didn’t dye my hair.  Thanks familial genes…
  8. I was once fluent in French and even spoke French in Paris, until the French people asked me to speak English.
  9. I recently became a card-carrying Catholic.
  10. My dog snores so loud she wakes me up at night.
  11. I take my blog writing seriously, it’s the perfectionist in me, and I sometimes have my BFF, Ms.L, be my copy editor, she’s very smarty-pants like that with the English degree and such.

The questions given to me by Habits to Healthy:

  1. What is the last book you’ve read or are reading?  I am reading “Margot Fonteyn: A Life” by Meredith Daneman. Very good!
  2. If you could have lunch with any historical figure, who would it be?  Jesus! Everyday and twice on Sunday!
  3. What is your favorite type of food? Italian – love me some pasta!
  4. What is one place you would like to visit? Anywhere in Italy!  I passed through Italy by train and spent the night in Venice once and I must go back to that beautiful country.
  5. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas – I love the family getting together, watching the magic of the season dance across my son’s face, and the food!!!
  6. Which would you rather visit…the beach or the mountains?  Since I live near the beach I’ll choose the mountains. Although I grew up in the mountains.
  7. What is one habit you would like to change? Pressing the snooze 8,005 times in the morning and just get up already.
  8. If you could go back in time to any point in history, what would it be?  When Jesus walked the earth.  Yep, love me some Jesus.
  9. What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate on top of chocolate that is inside of more chocolate.
  10. If you could buy anything you want right now, what would it be? A clue – seriously though – naw…that one is just too funny.
  11. What are three words to describe yourself?  Funny, quiet, and sore.  (It’s the workout video…it’s been working!)

Maestro!  Drum roll please…

So, I am going to nominate the following bloggers for the Liebster Blog Award.  I did my best in choosing the blogs with under 200 followers but I wasn’t able to verify that all did.  It was hard to choose too.  I honorarily nominate all my bloggers in my blogroll on the right hand menu as well.  To those that I have nominated here, there is no requirement for you to do anything, but I hope you do! (Nudge-nudge)

All Round Girl

Beauty. Grace. Strength.

Biggest Girl in the Ballroom

Dance Immaculata

Legal Ballerina



Polite Frivolity

The Casual Rider

The Classical Girl

The Traveling Dancer

OK nominees, here are your 11 questions!

  1. Why did you start writing your blog?
  2. What is the most fun thing for you about your blog?
  3. How much time do you spend on your blog weekly?
  4. What is your happiest memory?
  5. Can you drive a stick shift?
  6. Can you pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time?
  7. What has surprised you the most about having a blog?
  8. What was the last movie you saw?
  9. What is your favorite ballet?
  10. Who is your favorite ballet dancer?
  11. Can you do the splits?

This was a lot of fun for me and I hope it’s fun for you too!

Thank you again  Habits to Healthy!