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I am a life long lover of dancing.  I started dancing at the age of 3 until about 13.  I stopped dancing because I had been hit by a car and my body was never the same again.  I was trained in the Russian style of ballet under the tutelage of Anna-Marie Holmes, a very respected and renown teacher and choreographer.  Unfortunately, her company closed down and when I was 10 or 11 and I had to change companies.  My new company was not the same, and disheartened, I stopped dancing after my accident.

Now fast forward 25 years (yikes!) and I am 38 years old.  My heart is just yearning to get back into the dance studio.  I need to get my body into much better shape and nothing out there is appealing to me.  While drumming around on YouTube one day I came across some ballet videos.  My heart leapt and my mind was saying “yes”!  This is the solution.  Do something you will love and it will get you back on the road to fitness.  Now about two years ago I had taken some ballet classes at a local studio and LOVED it.  I check their schedule and they offer classes for adult beginners during the day.  Yay!

Now that I am at the end of the dance year, I am going to wait to start classes until the new year that starts in the fall.  I know summer classes are available but due to demands of childcare and work schedule the summer would not be feasible for classes.  That being said I need to lose some weight and work on my flexibility to prepare for taking classes.  That is something I can do now until August.  So it has actually worked out for the best.


Classes did not happen for me in August unfortunately, which you can read here.  But all was not lost, even though for a few months I felt like it which you can read here. Now, I am starting classes on February 24, 2014!

So my purpose of this blog will be to document my journey back into the world of ballet and to be a means of continued motivation and to keep up my plan to be prepared for classes.  I also hope to make some blogging friends along the way.  I have read many blogs of others doing what I am and it has been a source of great inspiration.  I hope to inspire too!

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27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good luck on your journey back to fitness and the world of ballet! I would love to follow your blog and see what you’re up to 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your journey and admire your decision to start again. I don’t know if you have been nominated already, but I just nominated you for the Liebster Award. 🙂

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  4. Keep up the good work on weight loss and your goal to dance again! You are obviously very determined! I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to your adventures in ballet land.

    My friend and fellow blogger, thedancingrider.wordpress.com, and I just started back to ballet well into our . . . well, perhaps ‘golden years’ is the best way to put it. Had our first private lesson this week. We survived; it was great!

  5. Hello! I just followed you. I am 20 and just started ballet at 19. I’m hoping to be a dance teacher (yikes i know lol). Anyway, I’m sort of hoping to make friends with beginners and just dancers who are adults :). You seem super awesome, and I was wondering if you’d mind answering some questions I have about ballet and growing up doing it? Your journey is amazing :). I think it’s great you’re starting over. That takes so much strength :).I’m also sort of making a blog about my journey in dance (mostly to study books and blogs and things i’m reading…like yours! :)! .. ) if you want to keep in touch that’d be neat!

  6. I danced for 12 years. Classical ballet was my favorite!! Unfortunately, I was never encouraged to continue dancing. Instead, I had to do something practical. I was fortunate to dance for a school that emphasized classical ballet, dancing lead roles in Giselle, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, and Don Quixote. Not at a professional level, but it was wonderful just the same. I take part in my daughter’s Nutcracker performers as an adult dancer in the 1st Act. My boys and my husband join me, and it’s so much fun! Last Nutcracker, my daughter was one of the Clara’s. She was beautiful!! I dream of taking a ballet class again! Maybe I will be able to some day. God bless.

    • Hi! It’s great to meet you! Sounds like you had some wonderful experiences dancing. How I dreamed of dancing those lead roles! The Nutcracker experience for your family sounds like a lot of fun too! I hope you’ll one day be able to take some classes again too. I love it and can’t get enough. God Bless you too! 🙂

  7. Hello there! I am adult ballet beginner, been doing ballet for a year and a half. That’s great that you have returned to ballet after all those years. I wih I had had the opportunity to do ballet as a child but it’s never too late to find a new hobby to love. Or to return to one…

  8. Hey , I’m Milo from Germany. Like Your blog! The same expierience like me 😉 but I’am verry, verry late adult beginner. Dancing Ballet since 2011, began with 46 years old. Did not think that ballet appeals to all senses. Glad that I have overcome me.

    In Germany are many prejudices about the ballet: The girls are all anorexic, the boys are all gay… 😦 It’s a pity! I wish there were more people make this experience.

  9. Hi! I really like your blog! I am Maxi from Bulgaria (currently living in Serbia though). I started ballet a year ago, and I have never had any training before. I was 24 years old when I started. I was in love with it from the first class, and I am determined to get en pointe one day. I just started my own blog about my experience with it- it’s such a life-changing thing, isn’t it, ballet?

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