32 Changements…

So, at the end of class last night our summer teacher announces, “OK, to finish out class we’ll do 32 changements.”

Now, my gentle readers, ya know I’m a little fluffy in the weight department…

It was the end if class and my legs were feeling a bit spaghetti-noodle-ish…

I seriously thought she was kidding at first and I think my two fellow classmates did too…but she was serious. SERIOUS I tell ya!

She even added we could do them corner to corner. Β I decided to keep them straight on and focus on my technique and pray I make it half way.

Maybe I was standing on a spring-ier part of the floor…

…maybe having the floors cleaned the night before can make a difference…

Guess who did 32 changements like a boss?

I did.

And did them well.



10 thoughts on “32 Changements…

  1. One of my teachers *always* makes us finish with 32 changements so I totally hear you on the feeling like a boss for changements success πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations! πŸ™‚ I remember this milestone too. Once you make it to 16 without flopping over, you think, well you’re already halfway there, may as well do 32. Ha!

  3. Haha awesome!! Don’t underestimate yourself! 32 changements are heavy indeed… we usually have to do these. And sometimes our teacher is all like: “Well guys, those looked like crap. Please do them again, 32 times.” Noodle legs indeed…

  4. Congratulations! I love hearing stories of people rediscovering a love of ballet as an adult. I just wish there were more opportunities for adult students.

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