The Trocks…

Have I mentioned before how much I love Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo or “The Trocks”? They posses two of my fave things…ballet and comedy and they do it well.  Also, these men are amazing dancers…here is a video compilation of some of their best.  I truly hope one day to go to a show!

5 thoughts on “The Trocks…

  1. Ahhhh yes! They were in The Netherlands a couple of months ago so I did an entry on them as well. They are so amazing!! And so gifted on those pointe shoes, I’m jealous haha!

  2. What’s freaky is when there’s a moment of true beauty – like this instant in the Swan Lake excerpt, and suddenly it didn’t matter whether it was male or female – it was true grace. (Well, it was as beautiful as a female dance, but clearly a male, is what I mean to say.) It kind of messes with the mind. The more obviously comic stuff is just hilarious, tho, and a teeny bit raunchy. Which is their goal. They’re pretty amazing – a one-of-a-kind troupe.

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