Ballet Class…À la Seconde…

So Monday night was my second ballet class…and it was…

less like…

awkward ballet

but felt more like…

ballet pose 2

The second class was just wonderful!  My body is remembering more and breaking from it’s shell of ballet dormancy.  I arrived early again to spend about 15 minutes in the back studio warming up and I definitely could tell it made a difference for me.  It was really cold that night and I knew I had to get my ankles and back good and warm for class.  I even sported leg warmers to the studio to keep the ankles warm on the way.  I very, very 1986. LOL

Pretty much, only I had navy blue sweatpants and grey legwarmers!

Pretty much, only I had navy blue sweatpants and grey legwarmers!

In class, I felt my turnout working better and standing straighter and working to keep square.  My turns had more ease but I was still dropping my shoulder.  I was remembering the combinations better, but I still need to be bookended by other two dancers in my class to keep me on track at times!

Center was the most fun for me even though I worked my tail off at the barre.  We had a lovely stretch and then got to combinations.  The first one was a brain twister but loved its’ slow and measured movements.  Then she moved us to the side and we went down the room in something more fast paced…piqué turn, piqué turn, balancé, balancé, piqué turn, piqué turn, sauté, balancé, sauté, balancé, pas de chat, step, sous sous and then we would do this gorgeous walk in a half circle and be ready to go on the other side.  OK, do you know how long it has been that I have wanted to report on my combinations from ballet class like everyone else? Ha!  Now I have.  It was a simple combination but I just loved the flowing movement and I felt like flying.  I was a complete dork and imagined I was dancing on the Bolshoi stage and just let go.  It was freedom.

After class it was so nice to chat with the other ladies in the class and they really inspire me.  The younger girl works her tail off in college, holds down a job, and she manages to fit in ballet class.  She is a really pretty dancer.  The other lady I can tell really enjoys ballet and tries so hard and she has some very pretty extensions.  They invited me to sign the birthday card for our teacher which she had this past Friday.  I thought that was so nice.  I really like our little group.

Now I have to wait until next Monday for another class…WAH!  I can tell I am going to have to find a way to work in a second class during the week…I am really getting back the ballet bug!

I wasn’t as sore the next day as I was last week, so that means I am either recovering better or need to work harder. 🙂  I vote both.

OK well, I am now back to counting down until my next class on Monday…who woulda thunk that Mondays are now my favorite day and can’t wait for it to get here!


17 thoughts on “Ballet Class…À la Seconde…

  1. Yay! This sounded so great, and I can feel your joy, and work, through your entry. I especially liked how you voted “both”! 🙂

  2. Glad it went well. I have no ballet experience myself but as a ….mature woman, after a lifetime of being a klutz, I am enjoying being more in touch with myself and my own body through yoga, and so I enjoy reading about your experiences.

  3. Haha I was laughing so hard at your comment that you are finally able to report your ballet combinations again!! You go girl!!! So happy that you’re back and getting into the groove again.

    • It doesn’t have an “official” designation other than Adult Ballet but I would say it’s between beginner and intermediate, leaning more to the intermediate side. I love it! I am wanting to take the Adult Beginner Ballet class but it’s on a night that I can’t go on just yet. It would be good to brush up on my basics though.

  4. YAY!!! You made it!!! Thanks for the follow on xballerina and I am so inspired by your passion and tenacity. You go girl!!! If you want to try something good for your back and to help progress back in ballet class, have you considered pilates? I have recently been trained as an instructor (have done it for years) and it’s the best. Lessons are expensive, but there are plenty of great videos out there that one can do at home. Anyway, happy dancing!!!!!

    • Oh wow, thank you! It’s great to meet you too. Thank you for the pilates recommendation and actually I hadn’t thought about that but it does make a lot of sense. I’ll look into classes and videos. Thank you so much. 🙂

  5. I am excited to keep following your story. I have been on and off about with being able to attend ballet for the last couple of years but since August I have been back to attending class at least every Saturday. I would love to compare stories of struggle and accomplishment someday.

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