X-Ray Vision

Having a bad back day and I saw this on PostSecret, and while I do not suffer from severe scoliosis, I sometimes wonder with how my back is I worry if I will dance again…

Picture from PostSecret.com

Picture from PostSecret.com


6 thoughts on “X-Ray Vision

  1. I didn’t know you had scoliosis. I do, too. I have a 27 degree curve, just shy of what they used to do surgery for decades ago. Glad I didn’t have that surgery, too. Now I just live with it, but it does affect all my sports!

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    Reposting from a dancer friend’s blog.

    Lest people think those of us who have scoliosis are just playing up a non-existent problem, THIS is almost what my back looks like in x-ray. I have a 27 degree curve, and that was 3 degrees shy of having surgery. Glad I didn’t have that surgery decades ago, as it was not nearly as refined as it is now. However, now i just live with it. It affects my posture, my balance, and all my sports and activities. Yet I do them anyway. I have kept up with weight training, and sports which need a symmetrical body, as that helps to manage this problem.

  3. Wow this is hard to see indeed.. I don’t have scoliosis but know a few people who do. Hope it doesn’t affect your dancing too much!

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