City.Ballet = Super.Awesome

It’s here!  I have been anxiously awaiting this series since the summer when I heard it was going to be released this fall.  I devoured the whole series already this morning and it is really wonderful…

City.Ballet or you can go to

Follow the episode guide and don’t forget the extra’s at the end too!

You will get PLENTY of dancing…it is all dancing, dancers, Peter Martins, pointe shoes, dancers, Swan Lake…it is glorious! There is no fluff just ballet life in the New York City Ballet.  I wish each episode was longer but that’s just me always wanting more and more ballet.  I know this is a series I’ll watch over and over!  AOL did a great job on this docudrama series.  Enjoy!

City.Ballet Photo

City.Ballet Photo


14 thoughts on “City.Ballet = Super.Awesome

  1. So it’s available for anyone to watch online, or do you need to be AOL affiliated? Or some cable channel affiliation? B/c that always knocks me out of viewing availability. But this? Ooohh!

    And BTW, so happy to see you’re still blogging!!

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