Check Out My New Drawers!

Ok, they aren’t new but what I put in them is new!  I don’t have a ballet bag yet, since I won’t need one for exactly one month from today (Pause here for giddiness)…but I needed a place to keep my ballet stuffs together.  I love to organize and make things “new” and so I reorganized my drawers to make my very own ballet drawer!

Pointe Shoes 009

So what do I have in stock you say?

  • 4 Pairs of leg warmers (Yes, I am a leg warmer hoarder)
  • 2 Pairs of ballet flats
  • My 25 year old pointe shoes
  • 2 Pairs of convertible foot ballet tights
  • 2 Leotards – one short sleeved one long sleeved
  • 1 Chiffon wrap skirt
  • 1 Pull on ballet skirt
  • Footeze ball
  • Various workout tights/leggings

I can’t wait to get my ballet bag all together next!  One month from today at this exact moment I will be in my first ballet class. Yippee!!!

6 thoughts on “Check Out My New Drawers!

  1. You bet I checked out this entry. Didn’t think I’d have time today to read, but I do! It makes me want to go shopping! And I am just drooling over those pointe shoes……. So excited for you. You are all ready to go to class!

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