Remembering the Past…

So today I was moving some things around and came across a plastic storage tote I had forgotten about in my closet.  I was wondering what in the world is in here?

When I opened the lid, I had my answer…

Pointe Shoes 005

They were the last pair of pointe shoes I had 25 years ago.  Tears sprang in my eyes I was so happy to see them again.  I completely forgot that I had those tucked away.  They were Capezio’s Coppelia II and looked so good and shiny except for a little age wear and a mystery stain on the box of one shoe.  I hope I can get it out somehow. The heel elastics were shot but my old toe pads were waiting patiently for me on the inside of each shoe.  The ribbons were still neatly wrapped from when I had last put them in my dance bag so many years ago.  Looking at them it was like they were silently beckoning me to put them on and dance.  Oh how I wish I could…how I wish I could…

But I couldn’t resist putting one on to see if it still fit and to remember the feel of the satin and ribbons.  I did not dare to actually go en pointe but enjoyed the feel pointing my foot pressed to the floor.  They were not broken in very much so I must have had these for a short time before I stopped dancing.  The fit was decidedly much snugger and the length a bit short but my feet, body, and heart remembered the feel of being wrapped up together and we ached to dance again.

Pointe Shoes 006


Pointe Shoes 008

Pointe Shoes 010

Pointe Shoes 012

Pointe Shoes 011

12 thoughts on “Remembering the Past…

  1. Aaahwww how gorgeous!! This feeling must be.. indescribable.. Good thing that you didn’t go on full pointe, you could have hurt yourself 😉 Very strong to resist that urge though!! I hope you will someday get back on these babies!!

    • Yes, I was very tempted but my brain was screaming…”no! no! no!” Heart was all like, “Yes! yes! yes!” Then the ankles said, “You will injure me if you do this.” Then I said, “OK brain and ankles you win.” Haha!

      I won’t be able to dance in those again because I will need new ones to fit my grown up feets..but these will always be with me. 🙂

  2. That’s awesome, Buddy. We should make you a shadow box for some of your dance memories. The shoes would be a great addition and this way you’ll be able to always look at them. 🙂

  3. I loved your entry. They are beautiful, and I would have definitely put my foot back in too. I think you were very wise not to go en pointe just then! You’ll be there again I bet! 🙂

  4. Smart girl not to give in to the urge to go en pointe in those. But what a lovely memory – and incentive too – to keep in your heart as well as in your hands. Take them out and pet them whenever you are tempted to give up. Let them speak to you.

  5. Awww. How wonderful and nostalgic. The pointe shoes on my blog’s home page are exactly the same thing – 25 yr old pointe shoes from Those Days. Yes, love your mom’s comment of taking them out to pet them. : )

    When I think of all those pointe shoes I tossed out, I wince. Would love to have a bag-full of them now. The things your 25-yr-younger self didn’t think about, huh? Good thing we both saved at least one pair. (Actually I saved 3 pairs, but one is painted bright red from when I danced The Red Shoes, and the other, weirdly, is painted cammo, because I went from my dance company to Africa and it was my friends’ parting gift to me. Cammo pointe shoes, btw, are pretty freaky-looking. Hmmm… I think I’ll have to write a blog about this weird little trio of pointe shoes. Thanks for the idea-prompt!)

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