Mom’s Pickled Tid-Bits

So my dearest mother sent me another great tid-bit and I had to share it!  I know many of us are always looking for ways to help curb cravings and such and this was a brilliant one!

Another Mom bit:  When you feel the urge to eat something sweet, eat something sour instead.  A pickle for choice.  It really helped me when I had to be so drastic when I was first diagnosed with diabetes and was on the verge of diabetic coma because my sugar was so high.  The stupid doctor never had tested me for that or for the severe hypothyroid condition.  Glad I finally fired him and found Dr. Mitchell.

Not long to wait for that first class now.  Good for you!!!

Love you,

This trick worked because it seemed like mom changed overnight!  I get awful sweet cravings and especially at night…going to put this one to the test!

16 thoughts on “Mom’s Pickled Tid-Bits

  1. My favorite “pickle” snack: those tart, cute little French cornichons. Worth hunting them down in a gourmet or boutique-y kind of store if your local store doesn’t stock them. OMG, soooooo yummy. Cheese and crackers and cornichons. Mmmmm.

    Dang. What a post to find before my dinner is ready… (And if there are no cornichons in the fridge, then I’m really screwed!)

    Great suggestion on your mom’s part. And baby carrots alongside the pickles satisfies the urge to crunch. It adds a little something sweet, too, and cuts down on the pickle sodium. (I love salty things. It’s why I love pickles. Sadly, sodium becomes an addiction of mine, too. Sigh…)

    • I will definitely do the carrots too…that is a really good idea. I love carrots and the little sweetness I get from them too. We finally got a Fresh Market here in our town and will look cornichons the next time I am there. I love to try new foods!

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