The Date is Decided

I learn ballet

August 19th peeps…August 19th….

That is the day I will be beginning my ballet classes.  I can not hardly wait!  Seriously, I am giddy!  I have butterflies in my stomach even thinking of it!  I can’t wait to don the tights and leotard…and chiffon wrap skirt…all that I have does not need to be all out there…

Why August 19th you ask?  That is the day my son goes back to school.  I will drop him off at school, politely drive home and change into my ballet ensemble, and then go to my 9:30 am adult ballet beginner class for an hour and a half of ballet bliss.

August 19th peeps…August 19th…


14 thoughts on “The Date is Decided

  1. Love the kitty! I’m marking my calendar. Can’t wait to hear about your class. It’s finally coming. I had those same butterflies before my first class.

  2. I´m sure it will be fine, but is the beginner class one for absolute beginners? because i have made that mistake too, there are beginner classes (just not intermediate) and absolute beginner classes… good luck for your class though!

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