Ballet Birthday Goodies

So, my birthday was a few weeks ago and thanks to my mom, I treated myself to some fun ballet goodies!!  They also arrived the same day as the DVD I won in the previous post.  It was a good mail day!

ballet stuffs 008


You may recognize this shirt as one I featured in this post.  I just loved it and couldn’t resist getting it.  The shirt is sooo sooo soft and it is going to be a favorite!  I had to have the leg warmers because I am a little leg warmer obsessed plus they are zebra!!!  Need I say anything more?

Thanks Mom!

17 thoughts on “Ballet Birthday Goodies

  1. Everything is so cute! I LOVE that t-shirt, and want one! Also like the leg warmers – so fun. What nice gifts. Happy Birthday all over again! 🙂

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