She’s Got Legs

OK, so I have a secret obsession.  I go onto Discount Dance Supply and DanceWear Solutions, among other dance supply websites, and dream about the pointe shoes and leo’s I will fit into one day.  Also, the dancers on there are so pretty and I dream of having a shape similar to some of them one day.

So has anyone else been on their site and seen this dancer? Yessss….I was perusing the pointe shoes and dreaming….if they just didn’t make those things so pretty, pink, and shiny!

 Holi Canoli!  THOSE are the legs I aspire to one day. 

Discount Dance Supply Image

Discount Dance Supply Image of Elena Lobsanova

15 thoughts on “She’s Got Legs

  1. Beautiful, aren’t they?! Both the legs and the pointe shoes. I drool over pointe shoe pics all the time. I just love them, the tradition, and the look of being en pointe!

  2. That’s Elena Lobsanova, soloist at the National Ballet of Canada! I watched her dance the lead in Romeo and Juliet. Gorgeous legs indeed!

    If you’re interested, here’s a link to a documentary the CBC did on the choreography of Ratmansky’s R&J. They framed it as 5 couples vying to dance the title roles on opening night — and Lobsanova’s one of the dancers featured.

    Love reading your blog, btw. “)

    • YAY!!!! Thank you SO much for letting me know who she was. I looked all over their website but I could never find a place where they credited who was in the pictures. Thank so much for the link. I will definitely be checking it out. Thank you again for reading my blog! I appreciate it. 🙂

    • You are so right..dreaming and visualization is very important in reaching goals. From reading your blog, that has happened for you at your recital! It was so exciting to read about it and all the hard work you put into that night. Brava to you!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful way to keep the visualization going. And visualizing is so important to keeping inspired. Congrats on finding a way to inspire yourself! 🙂

  4. Wowwwieee looks gorgeous! And visualizing your goal is never stupid or strange..! I was looking at videos of being en pointe and all that stuff way before I even did my first dance class again 😉

  5. I’m the photographer behind the shot – Tarzan Dan and the wonderful dancer is from The National Ballet of Canada – Elena Lobsanova 🙂 She was a dream to work with!

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