Quitters and Winners

Just gotta say it felt great to do my ballet workout yesterday.  I felt more myself and centered.  My ankle even felt better afterwards.  I could even point it!

Though I have had my struggles in life to keep the momentum going for something I have started…this phrase struck a chord in me and settled itself somewhere deep.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

I’m not going for the gold in the ballet-olympics but I will never lose this weight if I quit, because then the fat wins.  By quitting, I am only giving up on myself.  When I think about what that means, how sad is that?  Then I realized that I got this way because I did give up on myself. Time to fight for team BTFP!

I gotta do the work to get the results, especially when it’s the hardest.  Sometimes that is the most rewarding.

8 thoughts on “Quitters and Winners

  1. I hope you don’t quit! I did and I regret it and I gained so much weight after I stopped. I’m getting back into it and I hope we can get through this and lose weight together!

    Jackie @ adancersfairytale.blogspot.com

  2. Come on hang in there!!! We’re all behind you and we won’t let you quit! Think about all those bloggers (overseas) who are following you and are counting on you! ( no pressure, right?? 😉 )

  3. Oh, isn’t that the best thing about a disciplined practice – of any kind, really – when you DO it instead of saying you should, and you get this wonderful rush of feeling balanced and centered as you do it (or at least afterwards)?

    You have motivated me to go put in a quality practice session on my violin here in the next hour. I’m letting things slip there, but what you said above really resonated.

    Ballet, violin, writing, daily stretch, name-your-hobby/passion – it all becomes sort of the same thing. If you nurture it and don’t quit, you will always win. Which comes back to what you wrote. Wise woman! : )

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