Weight Loss Results Week #9

This week I feel good about my results.  I weighed in at 185 today, meaning I have lost 10 lbs overall so far.  That’s gaining 1 pound from last week but given the food poisoning circumstances, I am pleased.  I weighed myself through the week and I bounced between 186-185 and for the past 2 days it’s been 185.  So, I feel like these are real results and not an anomaly.  I have been eating normally, not great but not awful either, and steadily getting back into my routine post back injury and food poisoning.  I have really been working hard on curtailing the emotional eating and recognizing when it rears its’ ugly head.  It’s preferred performance time tends to be 9:30 at night.

My left ankle, which is the one I badly sprained last Spring, decided to have a flare up in the past few days. (I guess it didn’t like my back getting all of the attention)  I am not sure why it flared up but I have been wearing a brace on it and it has gotten much better.  So today will be the first day I return to working out since my back injury.  I feel it is ready and since my workout is very low impact, my ankle will do fine.  I will be wearing the brace AND my new ballet flats for the first time.  YAY!

37 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

35 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!

32 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!

29 lbs to go!

30 lbs to go!

One thought on “Weight Loss Results Week #9

  1. Yes! Have a good workout. Btw, posted the correct video on my page now. It was not supposed to be the Bolshoi…… you’ll see why. Let us know how your workout went.

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