Did You Know You Could “Port Your Bra”?

You must be thinking…Wow…you can dock yours?  Mooring lines and everything?  I bet you use those “bumpers” for padding too.  Well noooo….

I follow a blog called The Real Full House. Check it out.  It’s a very honest, heartwarming blog with a lot of great humor. The author recently posted an entry titled, Port Your Bra that is his hilarious interpretation of a dad while at a parents observation day at his daughters ballet school. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I thought it was so relevant for those of us in the adult beginner ballet world.  I hope some fellow readers will be able to relate and get a kick out of it. Any person who is new to the language of ballet, or those of us refreshing, have heard some of the phrases said by our instructors and we’ve had to do some mental acrobatics to assimilate what was said, peek at the nearest dancer at what they are doing,  and then tell your body to do the same.

I would love to hear others’ funny interpretations of ballet movements!

4 thoughts on “Did You Know You Could “Port Your Bra”?

  1. That’s pretty funny. As a single dad, I felt I already had a leg up on the rest of the fathers when my daughter danced, since I danced as a teenager.
    For me, it’s reverse. Mention a fondu or frappe, and I think of ballet and not food.

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