Weight Loss Results Week #8

Today I weighed in at 184.  “Say whuuut?  How’d you lose 5 lbs in a week?”  Well, say hello to my little friend called…food poisoning.  That’s right folks.  I got the food poisoning.  I tracked it back to the Chinese takeout on Sunday night and I’ve been stomach cramping ever since.  I’ve only had scrambled eggs and toast and some soup since then.  So next week I fully expect the scale to rise at least because my fluid levels will come back and such.

I can’t deny I liked seeing that on the scale this morning but I am smart enough to know it’s fleeting and reality will be back next week.  But it sure is nice to see that I have dipped down in the twenties to go!

37 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

35 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!

32 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!

29 lbs to go!

6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Results Week #8

  1. I think that is one of life’s gentle blessings: if you have to endure feeling so ill/cramped, at least you get the see the results on the scale.

    Enjoy the number today/tomorrow (I’m with you – it’s FUN to see that “sick” number), and next week, enjoy the return to better health!

  2. Aaahhwww hate it when this happens.. you feel so skinny and the next week whambam, hello lb’s! Good luck with your food poisening!

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