Measuring Up

Guess who is armed with a measuring tape? And I’m not afraid to use it!  Ok, maybe a little bit…

ballet 010

Knowing my weight loss isn’t enough now.  I want to know the inches lost so I can have a better understanding of  why my shirts are fitting better now.   In other words, how else can I drive myself batty on a weekly basis?  Haha!

Ok so here goes the inital measurements:

  • Waist: 40″
  • Belly: 48″
  • Hips: 47″
  • Thighs: L  25 1/2″  R  24 1/4″
  • Calves: L  15 1/4″   R  15 1/2″
  • Arms:   L  13 1/2″    R 13 1/4″

12 thoughts on “Measuring Up

  1. This is inspirational…I might have to measure myself this weekend so I can obsess over something new too =D
    In it to win it! Prize=HEALTHY! We got this!

  2. Good for you. It is motivational, and your honesty is refreshing. It is entirely possible to build muscle, NOT “lose weight”, but to lose inches…..

    • Awwww! Thank you so much! I am just trying to be as honest with myself as possible. Let’s face it, I am good at disguising something to make myself think its really something else….gotta quit that toxic train of thought if I am going to be successful at this weight loss endeavor!

  3. Yes, the tape measurer is our friend. It shows the fat loss/muscle gain that the scale doesn’t. The funny thing is that I have this tape measurer I’ve had since forever. (A good friend – loyal, and honest, even when it hurts to hear it.) Last month I realized it must be, like 25 years old. Yikes!

    We should name our tape measurers; whaddya think?

  4. Good thing! Measuring is often much better because sometimes you can even gain weight but lose inches at the same time!

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