Mom Knows Best

Received this message from Mom today…

No heat!! Ice pack 15 min on 45 min off. Small glass of white – Not Red – wine helps too. Ask me how I know all this. Hope you get better soon. Love you.

Sweet…any injury that involves drinking wine maybe I shouldn’t “whine” about anymore?

Since Mom keeps coming up with all these nuggets of wisdom I am dedicating her own category – “Mom-isms”

Yes, the ice has been helping. Β Husband is under orders to pick up a bottle of Moscato on the way home from work.

Because I am forced into being stationary all I am doing is writing blog posts…got more in the works…Haha!

Couldn’t resist the Betty White funny…


17 thoughts on “Mom Knows Best

  1. You know what goes great with whine? Bon-bons! lol I should bring some over and we can partake until you feel better. Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to get the non-fat sugar-free ones. Yeah… I’ll get right on that… πŸ™‚

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