Proud ‘O Myself

Proud of my self yesterday!

I had one of those days where I just had no energy to do anything.  I had an awful time going to sleep the night before and I only had about 3-4 hours of sleep.  Overslept the alarm making my son late to school.  So my Monday did NOT start well.  I tried to catch some more ZZZ’s which in turn meant I did not and I was just a grouch. I tried to be productive around my house which just made me feel even more tired.  I workout Monday – Friday and even the thought of working out made me feel even more tired.  I continued to debate about working out all day. It wasn’t like I worked out the day before, Saturday and Sunday are my rest days.

Finally at 4 pm I quit the debate and broke out the workout gear and just did it.  SO PROUD OF MYSELF.  This was a big break through for me. I am a champion procrastinator especially when I am tired and grouchy. I also realized on this day a t-shirt I wore to workout in was not tight across the belly anymore (my son even noticed) and my fave pair of house-comfy pants I had to re-tie the drawstring  tighter!!!

 Had I not worked out…these things would not have been noticed.

Yay me.


13 thoughts on “Proud ‘O Myself

  1. Woohooo!! You go girl! I know exactly how you can feel.. as you might have read: I don’t have self-discipline AT ALL. This is a big motivator for me!! 😉

  2. Kudos for just doing it. And more progress as evidence by how the clothing fit….yay. I bet you felt better, too, after working out!

    • I did! Mostly because I overcame that sloth-like behavior and the clothes fitting better were icing on that cake. It’s in the past few days I’ve noticed clothes fitting looser and it is a good reward for all of the hard work.

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