Weight Loss Results Week #4

This weeks weight loss was 1 pound.

I am very relieved I had weight loss at all this week.  After last weeks deflating weigh in I kind of went awry or askew or any other way you want to put it.  I did pull myself back from that sticky tar pit of old habits and got back into the mojo of eating better in the past couple of days.  So the fact there is any weight loss is a win for me this week. It also tells me yes I CAN do this, I just need to persevere.

A fellow blogger,Biggest Girl in the Ballroom, told me something that was very wise and gave me a better perspective on losing weight.  She’s been a great inspiration to me and her blog is awesome!

Success isn’t this straight line I’d like it to be but rather a general drifting toward the right direction with lots of detours.

That is so true and what I have to remind myself when my weight loss is not making that straight line down.  I am making progressive progress and THAT is the success.  Cheer’s to next week’s weigh-in!

37 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

35 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!

17 thoughts on “Weight Loss Results Week #4

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  2. I’m proud of you!!! Keep it going, keep up the good work! I didn’t gain anything on my trip to Edinburgh, thank god for exercise…..

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