Dancing in My Heart

My mom has done it once again.  Sent me an email yesterday that got the tears welling up in the eyes and I had to share this one.  For anyone who has danced or wanted to dance, I know this will speak to you…

“Do you remember the time when there was a dress rehearsal for TFB*  for I think Cinderella or maybe it was Swan Lake…. Anyway there was a little girl who was severely crippled and in a wheel chair.   Her eyes sparkled with joy afterward when I and the other mom-volunteers were helping the exiting kids who had come as a school trip.   I can’t recall the exact circumstances of how she came to express her feelings after attending the ballet but her words have inspired me many times.  Actually I was afraid it might make her feel sad because she could never walk, much less dance.   But when asked how she liked the ballet, she said, ‘Oh it was wonderful.    Now I know how to dance with my heart.”    

I love you!

That just gets to me…I hope it touches somewhere in your heart too.

ballet playbills 003

The playbill from the ballet my mom thinks the little girl attended.

Yes, it reads 1983

Yes, I am THAT old…

* (TFB stands for Tennessee Festival Ballet, my original ballet studio where I received my training before it closed and I had to move studios.)

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