Weight Loss Results Week #7

Ok, trying to keep the chin up this week.  I was hoping to be further along in my overall weight loss.  I weighed in at 189 so I gained a pound this week.  OK, when I read the first three sentences together, I think to myself, “Really? Ya gonna be upset about a pound?”  Well, not so much.  I am grateful it was not more weight gain and I’m not above the dreaded 190 threshold.  It’s just that at week seven, I was hoping to have lost at least 10 lbs. and its only been 6.  According to what I was hoping to be accomplishing at this exact point, I was wanting to be at 14 lbs lost.  I feel like I lost the whole month of May because for the whole month of May I lost only 1 pound. (Yes, the crazy tracker person in me has been monitoring this on a calendar.)

I truly have not been 100% back to the clean eating I was before my back flared up.  My emotions are very tied to my eating habits and I need to find a better way to wrangle that to the ground.  I just can’t give up now…I need to get to the grocery store and get some good things back into my pantry.  The lack of that in the house is making it harder because I reach for the bad stuff.  Which translated, means a food run to Wendy’s.  Not so good….

Time to put on my big girl pants and keep moving forward.  Feeling bad is not going to get this done….“Shut up Negative Nelly!  A food run for one last time to Wendy’s is not helpful!”  See what I mean?  I feel bad about not being further in my weight loss…which in turn what does Negative Nelly in my mind want to do? Eat!  Seriously, when is this carousel ride ever gonna be over?

37 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

35 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!

32 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!


Beachy Ballet Feets

School’s out for the summer…kids are on the seashore enjoying the sand, sun, and surf…and my ballet toes are in the sand.

Life is good. 🙂

Schools out 2013 007

Measuring Up

Guess who is armed with a measuring tape? And I’m not afraid to use it!  Ok, maybe a little bit…

ballet 010

Knowing my weight loss isn’t enough now.  I want to know the inches lost so I can have a better understanding of  why my shirts are fitting better now.   In other words, how else can I drive myself batty on a weekly basis?  Haha!

Ok so here goes the inital measurements:

  • Waist: 40″
  • Belly: 48″
  • Hips: 47″
  • Thighs: L  25 1/2″  R  24 1/4″
  • Calves: L  15 1/4″   R  15 1/2″
  • Arms:   L  13 1/2″    R 13 1/4″

Weight Loss Results Week #6

I weighed in today at 188 lbs which means I gained 1 pound.

As expected this week there was no weight loss because of all the crap I ate.  I am actually very happy there was not more weight gain.  I tried hard to watch the quantity of what I ate.  Additionally, I think the fast food junk I ate made me feel worse.  I felt lethargic and almost “down” and the more I ate the more I craved it.  What a vicious cycle.  Thankfully I am digging my way out of that tunnel and I have been much better in my habits in the past two days.  I hope that next week I will be able to get back to working out.  My back is doing better but it is not great.  I definitely have to treat it with kid gloves.  Cheers to next week!

37 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

35 lbs to go!

34 lbs to go!

32 lbs to go!

33 lbs to go!

Mom Knows Best

Received this message from Mom today…

No heat!! Ice pack 15 min on 45 min off. Small glass of white – Not Red – wine helps too. Ask me how I know all this. Hope you get better soon. Love you.

Sweet…any injury that involves drinking wine maybe I shouldn’t “whine” about anymore?

Since Mom keeps coming up with all these nuggets of wisdom I am dedicating her own category – “Mom-isms”

Yes, the ice has been helping.  Husband is under orders to pick up a bottle of Moscato on the way home from work.

Because I am forced into being stationary all I am doing is writing blog posts…got more in the works…Haha!

Couldn’t resist the Betty White funny…



Well, this weekend pretty much was a loss and it’s stretching into the week too.

I spent most of it in bed because I have some inexplicable back pain in my lower back.  Drop something on the floor?  Well, it’s gonna stay there I can tell you that. Feet are cold and want to pull on some socks?  Feet are gonna stay cold.  I have taken meds, icy/hot, heating pad, hot showers…nothing gives me much relief except laying in bed on my side with a pillow between my knees.  I do not like doing nothing.  I feel so useless because I can barely do anything.  I have about 9,349 things to do and this is not one of them.  I am really worried it’s going to derail my weight loss momentum I have going too.

For some “back” story (pun is intended haha!), about a year ago I was leaving my house to get my son from school.  I was recovering from a badly sprained left ankle and you have to step down when walking out the front door.  I somehow managed to do a magnificent flop on my front stoop.  I sprained the other ankle, bloodied up hands and an elbow, and I strained my back.  Keep in mind I weighed nearly 200 lbs.  I am surprised someone didn’t yell “Timber!”  It happened so fast I didn’t know anything had happened until I was on the ground.  Ever since, I have been dealing with the strained back and I somehow have aggravated it to the tenth degree.

I do not know why this has decided to latch itself on to me at this point.  I worked out Monday-Thursday.  I always take great care to protect my back during exercises.  Recently, I felt like the exercise has been helping it to feel better.  Never was there a point I felt like I did something and pulled it.  Friday, I hung out with a friend, it was bugging me more than usual but nothing to write a blog post about.  Now comes Saturday morning.  I wake up and I feel like I have been torn in two.  I have my son and his friend over so I gotta deal with it.  As the day progresses, so does the pain to the point I can hardly walk.  Then after the kids were changing out of their swimsuits my son decided it would be funny to throw it in my face.  Why he did this I don’t know.  He is the sweetest and kindest kid and I guess he thought it would be funny.  Well it was not.  As a reaction I jerked to the left to avoid the cold wet swimsuit in the face and I think I heard my lower back actually scream…or was that me?  Since that moment I have been nearly bed ridden.

Thanks to my wonderfully developed coping skills (soooo not true) I was not sticking to my healthier eating choices and eating whatever the husband will get for me.  Standing up and cooking is not going to be happening.  I did do better this morning but I will need to eat much better thanks to the sodas, burgers, Chinese takeout, and pizza that was flying around this weekend.  Food is an emotional crutch for me and why I have gotten so fluffy.  “Feeling bad?  Let’s eat this! Having a bad day? This cake will make it all go away!  Everyone deserves a treat every two hours!  Don’t forget the cheese puffs!”

The fact I am seeing how my thoughts and emotions fuel poor eating choices is a good thing but I have to find a way to retrain those thoughts.  I am very weak when it comes to those thoughts.  After I “treat myself” I end up feeling worse than what made me feel bad in the first place.  I have been so worried I gained weight I weighed myself this morning and thankfully I didn’t.  It wasn’t worth it to me to negate all the hard work because my back hurt and I felt sorry for myself.  That’s the dark negative thoughts that want to keep me fat and the skinny girl in me is trying so hard to fight her way out.  I guess she fought so hard she pulled a muscle.

Gonna take it easy and smell like icy/hot for the rest of the week I guess…

This One’s for You


Dedicating this to all who all love ballet!

This certainly brings to mind all the fellow adult ballet beginner bloggers out there who made me feel I certainly was not the only one out there.  This one’s for you 🙂