Keeping Up the Motivation…

“I can either keep my dream bottled up inside my tiny head, perfect and safe, and die filled with regret.  Or, I can do the hard work and attempt something beautiful and amazing.”   This is a quote from the blogger at Beauty. Grace. Strength.

I found it resounding with so much of what is propelling me back into dance classes.  Also, I think it speaks to many adult beginners of ballet of why we are pulling on tights and funny shoes to push ourselves, work sore muscles, and spend countless hours dreaming and thinking of the next time we’ll be back in the studio.

Knowing I have 4 months until my first class, I am working hard at keeping up my motivation, and I wanted to share her quote because it was very motivational for me and I hope it is for others too.

4 thoughts on “Keeping Up the Motivation…

    • Isn’t that a great way of putting it? She really hit the nail on the head with how I feel to my approach in returning to ballet. I know I won’t be a Gelsey, Polina, or Isabelle, but I can’t even be the best “me” if I don’t try. I am waiting because of a number of factors which I am going to post about soon. Primarily, it is because my son will be out of school for the summer soon and I am a nanny too and will have another child full time and it won’t work schedule wise. But it’s OK. I need to lose the weight in preparation for classes anyways. I am having fun reading about everyone else’s class adventures and dreaming of what mine will be. I really appreciate your support. I have noticed how supportive you are through other blogs too. It’s great for us dancers to stick together and cheer each other on! Thanks so much!

    • Thank you so much for your comment and support! I am really excited to get back in the studio and get my body ready to be back in the studio too. What a good question. They do offer day(1) and evening(2) adult classes and open intermediate classes(3) during the day too. I need day classes mostly as my evenings are full of kids, dinner, homework, life! Through my research, my studio has the best adult class offerings in my area. It’s not even the “big” company in town.

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