Here’s is How I am Going to Achieve the Golden Goal

OK, so some of you may be thinking…that’s a lot to a goal, and I agree with you!  What I like is that it is something for now, soon, a bit later, and long distance.  I am sure that I will add some incremental goals as I go along but this will lay the tracks to keep me moving along.  I will be able to feel some sense of accomplishment as I move along which will help me in my motivation.  Plus I won’t just be sitting around waiting to start class, I am doing something for taking class.

OK, here are my stats: (GULP!)

  • Age: 37
  • Height: 5’2″
  • Weight: 195
  • Time until first ballet class – 4 months/ 20 weeks
  • Goal weight for starting classes – 155
  • Final goal weight – 130

If you remember the previous post I’ve Got a Golden Goal I listed in order the goals I want to achieve by returning to ballet.  The “Now” goals are

  1. Lose 40 lbs over the next 4 months
  2. Improve flexibility, foot point/strengthen ankles, and improved posture for taking ballet classes

How exactly am I going to do this?  Well, here is my solution:

1. Weight Loss – Lose 40 lbs over the next 4 months

So, I have got my work cut out for me and you can understand why I need to lose weight in preparation for starting ballet classes.  My weight at my height = health disaster.  Amazingly, I have not had anything serious develop but why give it more time to do so?  I need to get moving.  When I took ballet classes two years ago my weight was a hindrance and I had to be very careful to prevent injury especially when jumping, which is my favorite.  Let’s not talk about the difficulty of fifth position with those thighs either…My weight is not healthy and I need to get healthy regardless.

I have a little over 4 months to go and according to the calendar that is 20 weeks.  Losing 2 lbs a week is achievable and considered good medically, it’s not too fast, and I don’t want to set myself up for failure.

I am not going to go on a fad diet.  I have looked into so many of them and going to pull out the things I have tried that worked and eliminate the things that don’t.  What this boils down to is just common sense for me.  Eat good food and don’t eat too many calories, especially empty calories. I am a champion at over eating so portion size is key for me.

  •  I am going to make healthier food choices – less fried for more grilled
  • Watch my sugar/carbohydrate intake – I am reducing the amount of sweets, candy, and sugary drinks in my diet
  • Going to eat what I want to eat and not beat myself up about it – just do it in moderation
  • Watch my portion sizes and eat my food slower
  • Drink plenty of fluids

2. Body Preparation – Improve flexibility, stamina, foot point/strengthen ankles, and posture for taking ballet classes

I read in a blog one day (when I find it again I will credit the blog) that to not wait for the day you will become a ballerina, but to think of yourself as one now.  WOW!  What a great way of thinking! “You are a ballerina.”  In determining how I am going to do all of this, this thought has been the cornerstone to it all.  This will become my mantra.  It has been floating in my thoughts and keeping me in check.

  • Flexibility – Spend 30 minutes a day doing stretches and loosening up the body.
  • Stamina – I need to start smart on this because I am so out of shape and I don’t want to injure myself.  So I am going to take my dog out for daily walks and increase the difficulty as progress is made.  Eventually I will start doing some workout videos to get a deeper workout to give me a better cardio workout for stamina.
  • Foot Point – As part of my stretching routine, work on pointing and flexing my feet.  I remember as a child we would always try to point our feet to the floor.  I used to be able to do that.  With practice we’ll see what I achieve.
  • Ankle Strengthening – As part of my stretching routine, add in ankle exercises.  Any tips on this is appreciated!  I have developed weak ankles over the years and a year ago I badly sprained one of them. So I really need to get them stronger.
  • Posture – Hold myself higher, sit properly (Ha!  Just caught myself slouching again).  This is where my mantra has been so useful.  I check myself in the grocery, in my truck, at the computer. “You are a ballerina.” Instantly I stretch taller, my ab muscles activate, and my tail goes down.  I feel three inches taller and thinner already.  My back actually feels better and the low ache I get in my lower back is relieved.  Just having good posture works my muscles too.

As a note, I officially started this on April 10th and that is the date I am counting from until August 31st.  I weigh myself every Wednesday.  Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Here’s is How I am Going to Achieve the Golden Goal

  1. Wonderful, wonderful, all of this! Great physical goals, great attitude toward weight loss and watchful eating (yes on everything there; it sounds like my own diet, down to my being a champion at overeating! My big challenge, too). It was fun to read this and I can’t wait to return in a few weeks’ time to see how it’s all going. I’m so glad for you that you’re going “back to first position.” It’s a life-changing endeavor. A life-saving one, even. Keep up the great work!

  2. I found your blog recently (scouring the internet for resources for the adult beginner/returner). I left the comment on ‘Where are they Now, A Very Young Dancer edition’ yesterday. I’m now diving into the archives and am so inspired. I don’t have the extensive dance background that you do, but it’s just given me so much more drive to get where I’m going, knowing someone is on a similar trajectory. So… if you get like a flurry of comments that need approval from me in the next few days, it’s because I’m catching up on your journey. I’m forming my own ‘golden goal’ in the mean time. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there.

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